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Memorial site to Mr Nguyen Sinh Sac in Dong Thap
Located one km from the center of Cao Lanh town, Dong Thap province, this 3,6 ha wide site includes an exhibition house, the grave and some other cultural structures.

After the passed-away of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac on November 26th, 1929 (i.e. 26th of the 10th moon, the lunar year of Ky Ty), the local inhabitants buried him to show their veneration and gratitude to him. His grave was properly preserved by the heroic Dong Thap population during the two anti-French and anti-American resistance wars. After the national reunification, on August 22nd, 1975, the Dong Thap local Party Committee, authority and people decided to establish a memorial site.

It has now become a historical-cultural-memorial site in Dong Thap province and Cuu Long River Delta. The roof of Mr Nguyen Sinh Sac’s tomb has the shape of a lotus petal with 9 dragon heads- or a human palm turned upside down- symbolizes the protection of the grave by the people.

The memorial site of Mr Nguyen Sinh Sac was recognized as a historical-cultural vestige on April 9th, 1992.

Open days: All days of the week (except Monday)

Address: No. 123/1 Pham Huu Lau, Ward 4, Cao Lanh town, Dong Thap province.

Tel: (84.67) 851259

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