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Van Phuc Vestigial site in Ha Tay province-where Ho Chi Minh wrote the Appeal for Nation-wide Resistance.
Van Phuc village, famous for its traditional silk handicraft, lies on the road No 430 on Ha Dong-Son Tay axis, which is 600m from Ha Dong city. During the time of the Democratic Front Movement (1936-1939)

Van Phuc was a “safe zone” for the Party’s Central Committee and Bac Ky Regional Party Committee. In December 1946, President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in the house of Mr. Nguyen Van Duong at Van Phuc village.

From 3th to 19th December, 1946, the President conducted a number of meetings with the Standing Committee of the Party’s Central Committee to discuss important issues of the resistance war. On 18th, 19th December, 1946, under his chairmanship, the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee decided to launch a nation-wide resistance, which is known as Ho Chi Minh’s Appeal for Nation-wide Resistance.

The house was officially recorgnized by the Ministry of Culture and Information, as a memorial site on February 21th, 1975.

Open days: All days of the week (except Monday)

Address: Van Phuc village, Ha Dong city, Ha Tay province.

Tel: (84.34) 829885

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